How long does the photography take?

Ultimately, you remain in control of how much time you wish to spend taking photographs on your wedding day, but in order for us to get some of the beautiful images you see here, we will need to dedicate a little time. We would usually recommend that we take you away for half an hour to get some personal pictures, and to give you a small break. It will be a very busy day otherwise, and you’ll be glad for the time out! We are more than happy to dedicate more time if you wish. The rest of the time, we will be simply photographing what we see, with minimal intrusion on your day. We will, of course, help you plan this photography time from the outset and provide you with a written itinerary of this. This whole process helps to make sure you are in no way pushed for time. It is your day, so we do everything we can to make sure you enjoy it!

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